At Tommy Fleetwood Academy, Formby Hall, Norman is using the latest TrackMan 4 launch monitor to help his pupils.

TrackMan helps us to draw a baseline of the swings performance early on in the coaching experience. This allows us to measure he effectiveness of our coaching and lesson plans going forward. The results are there, right in front of you.

TrackMan is the choice of the majority of the worlds leading golfers. It will be included in all of your lessons where the data is relevant.

Your individual TrackMan numbers will be recorded and sent to you, together with swing videos in The CoachNow App. Allowing you to store and access the information at anytime.


Impact is the “Moment of Truth” for golfers. Being able to measure this precisely lies at the heart of Normans coaching. Inspired by the “Impact Factors” Norman learnt as a teenage golfer from John Jacobs. . John was regarded as The Godfather of modern golf coaching.

Own your set of impact condition,face, path, angle of attack, centredness of strike, clubhead speed, and distance control with TrackMan.

Gapping sessions available so you can accurately work out your club carry distances to the inch.
Leave with your own personalised yardage chart for carry and total distance

Pitching distance control systems are taught relying on TrackMan to accurately map out your pitching carry distances with a system to measure swing length and pair it with precise club and distance data.


The golfers who rely on precision, rely on TrackMan for a reason.