About Me

I trained at Royal Birkdale and have over 25 years experience playing and coaching golf throughout the Uk and Europe.

My approach to coaching golf is to build a solid repeatable swing that doesn’t rely excessively on timing and coordination. I will de mystify golf and break it down into simple stages that anybody can learn.

For beginners, I can help you learn golf in the fastest possible time and for experienced golfers I can develop a practice programme using the latest video techniques and drills as we work together to get the most out of your golf game

As a coach I have been lucky to have been involved in the developing careers of a number of talented juniors. Most notably Tommy Fleetwood who came to me between the ages 7 and 11. Tommy went on to become the number #1 ranked amateur in the world. Tommy turned pro and has won on the challenge tour and Eutopean tour before breaking into the top 50 golfers in the world. I predict Tommy will be the first golfer from Southport to win a major!!

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I ve been able to help a number of junior golfers to county, national and international competitive level. Last year Max Marshall (2014) was the leading 6 year old in the Uk kids championships. This qualified him for the Euripean Junior Championships at Gullane. Here he finished 37th in a world class field of 90 world class 7 year olds, in his first “major”.

On completing my Pga training I took my final exams to qualify as a Pga pro and was very happy to finish 2nd in the UK and receive a Titleist Golf Scholarship. This qualification and scholarship reflect my determination to provide you with the best possible golf lesson experience at the areas leading facility.

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