If you are serious about golf and want to make the most rapid progress think about booking some private lessons and gain the benefit of one to one coaching.
Here at Formby Hall, we have the absolute best in coaching facilities, with Trackman, Kvest, Pressure plates, and an amazing short game area.
My experience will ensure that the key areas of your game are identified in as short a time as possible, prioritizing the changes that will make the fastest difference to your golf game.

Together we can develop a lesson program tailored to your requirements.

I will give you drills and challenges to monitor your progress and send regular film clips of your swing including commentary. These will be e-mailed directly to you from the lesson, allowing you to keep a track record of your progress and refresh your memory in the future.

For more advanced golfers as part of your coaching package, I will provide you with analysis tools to quickly reveal the areas of your game that require strengthening.

I use Trackman as well as the free CoachNow app, for whom I am a registered coach. This app is available for Ipad iPhone and now also on android devices.

The CoachNow app allows you to see your swing and get instant feedback. You will see your swing starting to take shape as it more closely begins to resemble one of the golf pros from the player library.
A number of my students also use the app to email me clips of their swings and I can email back comments and advice.