I first became interested in coaching junior golfers when I played and coached in Sweden during the 1990s. Young children learned golf skills through golf-related games, learning whilst having fun. This approach in golf and tennis yielded great results for Sweden through the 80’s and 90’s as an inordinate amount of Swedes burst onto the world scene.

All from a country with a population of only 8 million and a very limited golf season.

On my arrival back in the UK, I built a golf academy with a strong emphasis on junior coaching. This is where I first met Tommy Fleetwood when he was 6 years old. I saw Tommy on a regular basis for about 3 or 4 years and was very lucky to help him with his golf, play with him and see him go on to earn over £3,000,000 as of the time of writing. I feel sure that Tommy will get the chance to win a major championship within the next decade.

In the following years, I developed my junior coaching programs and helped a number of juniors onto regional, national, and European success.

Last year my own son Max finished top 6 year old in the UK championships with his best ever score of 39 for 9 holes.

This result earned Max a place in the European Junior Championships at Gullane, Scotland, where he finished 37th in a field of 90 of the world’s best 7-year-olds. With not much experience playing on full-size courses and in his first “major” this was a remarkable result.

As Max sets off on his golfing journey, I embark on a new phase of my career where I am determined to pour all my resources and experience into helping children cash in on their golfing potential. You and your children can come on the journey with us and I will enlist interested mums and dads as the best-qualified co-coaches for your own children. World-class golf is within your children’s reach! They are a blank canvas with no preconceptions. It’s my job to harness all that potential, fan the flames of enthusiasm, and to show them and you the route map that has taken children to the top in the recent past.

At Formby Hall golf Resort, I run group lessons for children on weekends and some weeknights as well as private one to one lessons throughout the week.

My junior sessions are divided roughly into 3 categories:

•New golfers

•Intermediate golfers

•Tournament players

For lots of kids, golf is just a fun game and a part of their leisure time and sporting activities. Thats great and I see becoming competent at a sport as a great confidence builder for children. As a shy child myself, sport helped me grow in confidence and self belief,

For golfers making progress, I introduce an element of competition as they develop skills to succeed in a competitive environment.

For my tournament players groups (children who express a desire to compete in open competitions or already do compete) I provide golf classes where every session is designed to give your children a competitive edge as they think about competitive golf. If they choose to eventually compete or not, its not that important to me. What counts is that should they choose to, I see no limit in the limitless potential of a capable and enthusiastic child.

Trophies may come. If they don’t then your children are equipped to enjoy golf for the rest of their lives and will find having a coach who is positive and as enthusiastic as them, an enabling experience!