The fastest way to reduce your scores is to improve your short game!!!

That holds true if you are a new golfer or a low handicap golfer. Physically there is no reason why your short game can’t be as good as Rory Mcillroys! While that might not be true for the driver swing, it certainly is for shots around the green.

70% of your shots will be played around the green. For most amateur golfers, finding time to practice is not easy. With that being the case, think about focusing on the least physically taxing aspect to practice, yet, the most productive in terms of scoring results.

Work and an investment in the time you have, learning and developing the right technique, correct club, correct shot choice, and strategy will lower your scores, GUARANTEED!

Here at Formby Hall, we have a superb short game area where I can teach you the techniques, often different from long game principles, to set you on your way to winning golf!

Seve plays the chip shot to the final green to win the 1988 British Open. This difficult shot from a slightly downhill, sidehill lie, confirmed Seve’s short game genius.

His technique and in particular, chipping technique with the sand iron flew in the face of traditional teaching. Now amongst the worlds elite, Seve’s method is accepted as the way it’s done.

I can personally attest to the benefits of this method. As a competitive golf pro in the late ’80s and early 90’s chipping was always a struggle for me and never better than average.

The method I will show you has improved my chipping, to the point where I look forward to awkward chips, as opposed to dreading them.

I can show you how to build a margin for error into your technique and build your confidence.

Measuring your short game proficiency?

I use a system from a set number of points around the green, to measure your results, progress or lack of. By using a scoring system I can compare your short game results to both World-class male and female tour pros.

This data is invaluable and can prove a real eye-opener to low handicap golfers who blame their failure to reduce their handicap further, on long game shots.

Ultimately, we can combine your overall results and give you in effect, a short game handicap. This may prove higher or lower than your official handicap and shines a light firmly on what you really need to concentrate on.

My Short Game Coaching Influences

My short game influences are James Siekmann, Stan Utley and my own playing experiences with Tour players happy to share information.

A key to short game coaching is to appreciate there are a number of different ways to achieve a consistent strike and to control path, plane and spin loft. The keys to consistency.

With the use of TrackMan 4 we are able to identify your own individual route to better connection and consistent results. All you need is a bit of patience and commitment.

I will send you away  with videos, a clear explanation of practice drills and a route back to short game mastery, the key to scoring,